Paola Motto

Lover of the performing arts, its immense potential and the expanding movement that can be generated through them, I develop as a creator, researcher and workshops facilitator in the pursuit of integrating art with health and connection with nature.

Since my teens I had the opportunity to study and participate in plays, festivals, companies, seminars, publications and other activities in the fields of Theatre and Dance, as well as make numerous trips by Latinomérica sharing roads with creators from various latitudes.

I was trained in acting, staging, dance-theater, singing, arts and deep ecology with outstanding teachers for their dedication and generosity. I participated in meetings, intensive seminars, jams and CI practices -mostly coordinated by Cristina Turdo-, and in the Residence of Physical theater and Experimental dance Kosmos in Movement held in Coroico and Isla del Sol (Bolivia).

Between November 2010 and May 2011 I attended the Postgraduate in Sensory language and Poetics of the game provided by the Theatre of the Senses and the University of Girona, in BarcelonaSpain, directed by Enrique Vargas. And I was invited to participate as an actress-inhabitant in two works of the company: The first dance (El Polvorí Montjuic-Barcelona) and Oracles (St. Augustine of Guadalix-Madrid Tour).

I am part of the Biospheric Academy´s creative team (, facilitator of The Dance of the Imaginary-Creativity Workshops to expand the sense and creator of the play The Spiral that Joins Everything -in dialogue with the artist´s work F. Hundertwasser and dedicated to promoting the Free Creativity in Harmony with Nature´s Creativity.

In Barcelona, where I live now, I am a resident collaborator of the Symbolon Laboratory (